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Complex SKY

Flippable city-factory building in the sky · By Momosundeass


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Patch note version 598 to version 608
Build 608 This is patch note from version 598 to version 608 Game - Population progress bar now show "population amount"/"population space" - Add new researcher...
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DevLog #0 Dev Introduction and Demo is coming
Hi, I'm a sole developer of Complex SKY A vertical automation floating flippable city/factory building in the sky This is the first DevLog of me working on the...
Demo version at Steam
I already working on Demo version of Complex SKY this demo version will available on Steam...
patch-note Build 597-598
Build 597 Fix - Can't click item in library Build 598 Game - Add Wood Collector (Miner) - Change most of Tree building image - Add Anti Gravity Willow replace M...
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patch-note Build 596
Build 596 (hotfix) Game - Operator building color change QoL - Add invert mouse move setting Fix - Quick Play button should put player into most easiest setting...
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patch-note Build 595
Build 595 Game - Add Sky Platform like in new trailer (Still can't access through normal gameplay) - Iron Plate can now product from Modular Iron Assembler Fix...
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patch-note Build 594
Build 594 Game - Production now restart one by one per building interval - Change main menu background - Balance buildings, recipes, technologies - New Tree Far...
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patch-note Build 593 (hotfix)
Build 593 (Hotfix) Game - Balance Rice Farm production item output rate QoL - Add Technology button in Game Menu - When play for the first time Welcome Dialog w...
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Last post
hello ! I played this game a while back, and now the save system doesn’t work properly I can’t save my game I have n...
started by FirefoxyleGibus Mar 17, 2022
2 replies
I really enjoyed playing this game through at some points i had to scratch my head to figure out some of the mechanics...
started by Foxgon_kr Nov 10, 2021
1 reply
Hey there! i like this game so far altough the goal of the game is not quite clear and the tutorial contains bad english...
started by klaus-woelkchen Aug 18, 2021
1 reply
I can't for the life of me figure out how to increase my foundation capacity...
started by GG animeotaku Aug 23, 2021
2 replies
Hi, I just downloaded your game and played it for a while. I'm at the point where I need more of everything but have to...
started by aleyann Apr 08, 2021
2 replies
First off, I really like the art style and the way that everything sort of works together. But I do have one question th...
started by Sanvorhn Feb 16, 2021
1 reply
Hi, I've made a video about the game and I wanted to share some feedback about it :D, hopefully it's useful to you :) -T...
started by FullThrough Feb 12, 2021
2 replies
Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I have found this awesome game and I thought I would give it a chance to pr...
started by SGP Feb 10, 2021
2 replies
Hi developer, I made game review on your game on YouTube and it was actually pretty nice, your game I mean. It's entirel...
started by vanillaonlyxd Feb 06, 2021
1 reply