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A futuristic city-building game take place in futuristic post environment devastated world. The last human frontier give opportunity to YOU as the corporation to construct fully self sustainable utopia city in the sky call “COMPLEX-SKY” Project.

Will Available on Epic Store as well

from version 594


Complex SKY is a city-factory building simulator with some strategy and puzzle element developed by sole developer "me", where player build the city up in the very sci-fi sky surrounded by floating island inspired by Anno series and Factorio. Complex SKY are not limit your building space to 2D grid beside that build upward or FLIP the entire building and build it downward is possible, while also have deep and complex materials crafting chain and a ton of technologies to discover and many more feature for player to take advantage of.
Complex SKY main feature are City-Building, Factory-Building, Building a city in unique environment, Manage complex chain of item production, Manage how each item move from building to building, Send those freshly item that you produce in factory or farm to your people, Destroy environment by pollution from factory or go Eco-Way to save the day, Control a growing city and not get bankrupt.

Hi I am a sole developer of Complex SKY Project so be aware of some part of the game may contain bugs, misspelling or broken grammar. You can help me in development process by report or give feedback about the game in my discord server.

The idea is, I always want to play a futuristic city-building game that take place in very sci-fi world after I was experience with Anno series and Factorio since 2014 so I decided to make my very own game with that settings, it should have a somewhat complex production chain like in Factorio and I like the idea of having many population class in Anno. That is where the basic idea of Complex SKY come from.

You can leave suggestion, feedback or bugs report at

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJl7sX7FhCyS6vQs8moMXeA

Facebook Page :  https://www.facebook.com/CPSKYProject

Twitter : https://twitter.com/CPSKYProject

Website : https://momosundeass.github.io/ComplexSKYGame

Currently have

  • 25+ Buildings & Modules
  • 30+ Items
  • 60+ Technologies mostly for unlock new building and game progression
  • 4 City Resources to keep track on
    • Pollution
    • Gravity engine
    • City Controller
    • Park
  • 2 Population Class
    • "Worker" the first population that move to the city
    • "Operator" the second class that promoted from "Worker"

Alpha --[ In progress ]--
What left in the alpha phase

  • Tutorials page explain the main game flow more clearly
  • New taskbar population UI that clearly see how many workforce on every class left 
  • 2 New population class "Engineer" and "Researcher" both are promoted from "Operator" class  with Researcher house only available to build downward only
  • 2 City Resources Type already working in progress "Appealing" and "Office"
  • The early part of tier2 technologies that need a new building to research tier 2 technology cost in Red color theme eg. "Red Science Vial"
  • Quest for an early game with unique quest reward that help player growing there city

Beta  --[ Early Access ]--
What to expect in Beta - Release

  • Sandbox mode
  • Achievement system
  • Expandable Building Area, instead of expand horizontally forever the game will let's player expand building area vertically. Player can found new mineral type if expand far enough
  • Infinite Technologies
  • Population
    • "Executive" promoted from "Engineer" 
    • "Investor" promoted from "Executive" <- late game
    • "Scientist" promoted from "Researcher" <- late game
    • "Automaton" Engineer can build it
    • "Android" Upgraded from "Automaton" <- late game
    Some of the late game population may come after released
  • City Resources
    • Wealth
    • Data Bank
    And more...
  • Quest
    • Story Quest
    • Procedural generated  Quest
  • Story
  • More building and modules, more items, more technologies
  • Interactable tutorials
  • Help page that explain every feature in detail
  • Optimization
  • Key binding
  • More item per minute detail
    • Materials use by production per minute
    • Item consume by population per minute
    • Item use in maintenance per minute
    • Fuel use in furnace and power production per minute 
    • Research Materials use per minute


  • Not have any plan yet

The game will be Early Access on STEAM
DEMO will also available on Steam soon
Price: researching

A game developed using UNITY Engine


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