Patch note version 598 to version 608

Build 608

This is patch note from version 598 to version 608


- Population progress bar now show "population amount"/"population space"

- Add new researcher population, researcher house building and technology to unlock the house

- Auto module upgradable can now pause in building panel 

- Both Sky Platform and Big Sky Platform can now be accessible, so build vertically is possible

- Add "City Appealing" city resources 

- Add deactivate miner function

- Add sandbox mode

- Cryosleeper, this will limit how many population in city, can increase by complete quest or research technology

- Research tier 2 will use separate building to process research point

- player can now choose reward for the quest

- Add new population type "Engineer"

- new Office city resource that will improve transport speed and production speed when positive

- transport hub now have connection limit

- transport hub no longer contribute to linked inventory & linked inventory building can separate from transport hub

- each population class can have it own effect instead of global effect


- Add recently used item in transport setup menu

- When setup transport player can now save template for next use

- Add "upgrade in all building" function

- Add description for "Pollution", "Mass", "Controller" city resources

- Add text to show how height from surface when build Sky Platform

- "Key helper UI" now move to interact UI

- add open tutorial in building panel UI in Inventory tab, resident tab, production tab, transport tab, research tab

- production card UI now show building image directly instead of button to open new building list popup

- quest panel UI now show objective status 

- fuel use now contribute to global production rate

- city stats UI will show item global production rate


- Improve building upgrade UI 

- Population Service now have icon 

- City Resources now show progress bar

- new UI to show item transport when select building

- when build upside down building with effect will show effect text at cursor

- new Building Panel Transport Tab UI design show each destination separately 

- add more detailed in Population Detail Popup

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Apr 06, 2022

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